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don't let stupid things break your happiness.

i’m playing war games with guys. and in the middle of  that war i saw you, you were searching for me. i hid myself but you found me. avoiding is not my will but my mind commands like boss that time but i walk beside you and didn’t talk at all. you’re not saying anything though and we’re just walking side by side, so i stopped and you turn around to face me. i’m going to kiss your lips, i missed it. i want it. but you avoid it. it’s been the most awkward moment of my life with you and so you started to walk and i just said “i missed you”. it’s raining heavily. i ran so that you won’t see me again. im playing with gun coolly. you found me at the back of the car. im the happiest woman alive that moment when you hugs me and we finally started to like each other again. but that moment has been ruined as i turn around and open my eyes, it was just a dream. a very beautiful dream. :(


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